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Prism Triangle: Committed to Excellence in Cannabis Testing
lab technician testing cannabis products
lab technician testing cannabis products

Our Mission

Prism Triangle is at the forefront of cannabis testing in Michigan. Founded with a vision to ensure the quality and safety of cannabis products, our facility represents the pinnacle of testing excellence.

Our mission is to provide precise, reliable, and timely cannabis testing services. We are dedicated to helping our clients meet regulatory requirements and ensuring consumer safety through our comprehensive testing solutions.

We are committed to integrity, innovation, and excellence. These core values guide our operations and our relationships with clients, ensuring that we consistently deliver the highest standards of service.


Why Choose Us?

Quality is not just a part of our process; it is our promise. From the moment a sample arrives at our lab to the final report, every step is carried out with meticulous attention to detail and adherence to the highest industry standards.

We believe in giving back to the community and staying actively involved in the industry. Through educational initiatives, partnerships, and advocacy, we aim to contribute positively to the growth and development of the cannabis industry.

What Do We Test?

Comprehensive Cannabis Testing: Ensuring Quality Across All Product Types


Testing cannabis flower for potency, purity, and contaminants to ensure it meets quality and safety standards. Our analysis covers cannabinoid profiles, terpenes, and possible pollutants.


Analyzing cannabis buds for their cannabinoid content, moisture levels, and overall quality. We ensure that the buds are free from pesticides, molds, and other harmful substances.


Assessing cannabis trim, often used for extracts, for its cannabinoid potency and purity. Our tests detect any residual solvents, pesticides, or contaminants.

Vape Cartridges

Evaluating THC vape products for potency, chemical composition, and the presence of harmful additives like Vitamin E Acetate. Our tests ensure vape products are safe for inhalation.


Testing cannabis-infused edibles for accurate THC/CBD levels, ensuring consistent dosing and product safety. Our analysis also includes checks for contaminants and shelf stability


Analyzing cannabis-infused gummies for cannabinoid content, homogeneity, and quality. We ensure these edibles meet labeling requirements and are free from harmful substances."

Oil or Distilate

Assessing cannabis oils for potency, purity, and the presence of residual solvents or pesticides. Our comprehensive testing guarantees the safety and quality of these concentrated products.


Accurate potency testing is crucial for cannabis beverages to ensure consistent strength and dosage. We measure the levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, providing essential information for both compliance and consumer trust.

Infused Pre-Roll

We conduct detailed potency testing on infused pre-rolls to determine the exact levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. This ensures accurate dosage information for consumers, crucial for both compliance and user experience.

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