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Certificate Of Analysis (COA) - Glossary

Below Level Of Quantification – this term is used to denote concentrations so small they do not meet the qualifying threshold for cannabinoid content.

Limit Of Quantification, this is the smallest concentration that can be accurately quantified.

Limit Of Detection – is the smallest amount of cannabinoid(s) that can be detected by the instrument.

Loss On Drying tests for the percentage of water content in the final product.

Generally bacteria, mold, or even yeast. Predetermined contaminant limits are established for each.

Aflatoxins are a type of mycotoxin produced by certain types of fungus or mold. Aflatoxins are very dangerous and may be potent carcinogens. Cannabis with Aflatoxins must not be used.

Heavy Metals can include mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and lead. Any amounts of heavy metals present will be listed in your COA.

Pesticide residue can remain in cannabis after processing. Any pesticides detected will be listed in your COA.

Solvents can be left behind during the extraction process. Residual solvent findings will be tested and listed in your COA.

Cannabis Residual Solvents Lab Testing Michigan
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