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Cannabis Lab Lipid Testing Michigan:
We specialize in Testing for Lipid Additives, Vitamin E Acetate, & More

Cannabis Lipids Lab Testing Michigan

Our lab testing utilizes a combination of liquid chromatography & gas chromatography detection to test your cannabis for harmful lipids, Vitamin E Acetate, and other lipid substances.

Lipids are natural substances found in cannabis. They are fatty acid, oils or waxes. They are a normal compound found in many plants and they play a role in energy creation and storage. While fats can be a good thing in cannabis, as they help phytocannabinoids like THC and CBD to be absorbed more readily, they are not safe in inhaled products. Inhaling above acceptable concentrations of lipids can cause the lipids to accumulation in the lungs, which may lead to serious lung diseases such as lipoid pneumonia or COPD. We test your products for lipid concentrations so your customers can be confident in the safety of the products they purchase from you.

Procedures & Methods

Our methods meet all guidelines & requirements listed below:
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