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Cannabis Lab Residual Solvents Testing Michigan:
We specialize in the testing of cannabis for Residual Solvents.

Cannabis Residual Solvents Lab Testing Michigan

Producing high concentrate cannabis / marijuana products requires the use of solvents for extraction.

Testing for proper removal of these residual solvents is critical to the safety of the product your users consume or inhale.

We use Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry detection and headspace auto-sampling to assess your cannabis / marijuana for residual solvents, trace residues and dangerous impurities. In some cases, these impurities can be toxic, which is why residual solvent analysis is a critical element of cannabis testing.

By products of the extraction process can lead to residual solvents and impurities in your cannabis products. We lab test your product for residual solvents so you can be sure you are meeting requirements for acceptable levels in your cannabis production.

Procedures & Methods

Our methods meet all guidelines & requirements listed below:
Cannabis Residual Solvents Lab Testing Michigan
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