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Cannabis Lab Shelf Life / Stability Testing Michigan:
We specialize in the testing of cannabis for Shelf Life / Stability.

Cannabis Shelf Life Lab Testing Michigan

Time, temperature, humidity, and inadequate packaging can all degrade the quality of your cannabis products.

At Prism Triangle we test your cannabis for stability and storage. Shelf life for CBD is defined as the time necessary for it to degrade to 90% of its original concentration. Knowing how well your cannabis products retain their quality over time is important to managing your business.

Our stability and shelf-life laboratory testing of your cannabis products follows prescribed testing procedures. Our testing can provide you with data on material degradation, consumer product ingredient stability, shelf-life longevity, pharmaceutical stability, packaging evaluation, and much more.

Procedures & Methods

Our methods meet all guidelines & requirements listed below:
Cannabis Residual Solvents Lab Testing Michigan
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