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Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

We service the entire State of Michigan.

We test a wide range of cannabis products including flower, buds, trim, oils, vapes, edibles, and gummies. Our lab is equipped to handle various forms of cannabis to ensure comprehensive testing.

Our testing services include potency analysis, terpene profiling, pesticide screening, microbial testing, and residual solvents analysis. We also test for the presence of harmful substances like vitamin E acetate.

The turnaround time for testing varies based on the type of test and the volume of samples. However, we strive to provide results as quickly as possible, typically within 3 business days.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and follow standardized testing methodologies. Our processes include rigorous quality control checks and are overseen by experienced technicians.

Our team uses a sterile process to sample and transport back to our laboratory in a secure unmarked vehicle per state regulations.

Our pricing varies based on the type of test and volume of samples. We offer competitive pricing and can provide a detailed quote upon request.

Yes, we provide detailed reports with interpretation of the results. Our team is also available for further consultation and to answer any questions you might have about the test results.

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