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Homogeneity Testing

The Importance of Homogeneity in Cannabis Products

Homogeneity refers to the even distribution of cannabinoids like THC and CBD throughout a cannabis product. It is particularly important in edibles, tinctures, and topical products, where uneven distribution can lead to inconsistent potency and efficacy.

Advanced Testing for Even Distribution

Our lab utilizes sophisticated testing methods to assess the uniformity of your cannabis products. We ensure that each part of the product contains a consistent level of cannabinoids, providing a predictable and reliable experience for the user.

Building Consumer Trust with Consistent Quality

By guaranteeing the homogeneity of your cannabis products, you build trust with your consumers. Consistent potency and effects in each dose or application mean consumers can rely on your products for their needs. Ensuring homogeneity in cannabis products is not only crucial for consumer satisfaction but also for meeting regulatory standards. Our precise testing helps you comply with these standards, avoiding the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Ensuring Uniformity for Consistency and Safety

At Prism Triangle, we specialize in homogeneity testing for cannabis products, a crucial step in ensuring uniform distribution of cannabinoids and other active compounds. This testing is essential for product consistency and consumer safety

Product TypeHomogeneity Testing
Infused Pre-Roll
Vape Cartridges
Oil or Distilate

What Do We Test?

Comprehensive Cannabis Testing: Ensuring Quality Across All Product Types


Testing cannabis-infused edibles for accurate THC/CBD levels, ensuring consistent dosing and product safety. Our analysis also includes checks for contaminants and shelf stability


Analyzing cannabis-infused gummies for cannabinoid content, homogeneity, and quality. We ensure these edibles meet labeling requirements and are free from harmful substances."

Infused Pre-Roll

We conduct detailed potency testing on infused pre-rolls to determine the exact levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. This ensures accurate dosage information for consumers, crucial for both compliance and user experience.

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