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Our Lab Is Fully
Integrated & Automated

A client portal built for the Cannabis Lab testing industry.

Our Lab Offers The Best Full-Service Cannabis Testing In The State!

Our user portal connects you to your sample results! Our portal will keep you updated you with the current status of your samples as they go through the testing process. Analytical data is provided to show you occurrence of analytes over time for each product type. You can analyze your growing process and process over time and make adjustments to refine your quality.

All Your Cannabis Lab Results In One Place
Cannabis Lab Client Portal Michigan


Your Dashboard:

  • Process Validation Reports
  • Real Time Status of your Samples
  • ETA of COA completion
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • A searchable website of the COA’s you chose to post
  • Marketing integration to MJ Buddy, Weedmaps, and Leafly
  • Export or API integration to your Seed 2 Sale and POS
  • Your Average Turn around time updated daily

Easy To Use

Data & Analysis

Our lab provides detailed reports that you can use to improve your products and business over time. See trends and changes in your cultivation process as they happens. See improvements in the quality of your cannabis products based on changes you make as a result of our testing.
Lab testing of Cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes

COA's - Certificate of Analysis

We provide you with the easiest to read COA in the state. We provide all the necessary information you need for your COA. Our quality control lets you know who worked on your lab sample, the equipment it ran on, and even the chemicals, and quality control used in testing your cannabis samples.