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Vitamin E Acetate Testing

Advanced Detection Methods

Vitamin E Acetate, while typically harmless in skin creams and oral supplements, has been linked to serious lung issues when inhaled through vape products. Its presence in vaping liquids, especially in THC cartridges, poses significant health risks, making its detection and elimination from vaping products paramount.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

In light of recent health concerns, regulatory bodies have heightened their scrutiny of vaping products. Our Vitamin E Acetate testing ensures that your vape cartridges comply with the latest safety guidelines and regulations, protecting both your customers and your brand.

Commitment to Consumer Health and Safety

By rigorously testing for Vitamin E Acetate, Prism Triangle demonstrates a commitment to consumer health and safety. This testing is essential not only for compliance but also for maintaining consumer trust and confidence in your vaping products.

Ensuring the Safety of Vaping Products

Prism Triangle offers specialized testing for Vitamin E Acetate in vape cartridges, a critical service in the wake of health concerns associated with vaping. Our focus is on ensuring the utmost safety of vaping products for consumer use.

Product TypeVitamin E Acetate Testing
Infused Pre-Roll
Vape Cartridges
Oil or Distilate

What Do We Test?

Comprehensive Cannabis Testing: Ensuring Quality Across All Product Types

Vape Cartridges

Evaluating THC vape products for potency, chemical composition, and the presence of harmful additives like Vitamin E Acetate. Our tests ensure vape products are safe for inhalation.

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